Public Benefit Purpose

To The Stars Academy is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), which means our public benefit purpose is a core founding principle of our corporate charter alongside the traditional goal of maximizing profit for shareholders. Our public purpose:  

Education - Community - Sustainability - Transparency

PBCs have enjoyed a surge in popularity as the public becomes more interested in corporate responsibility, transparency, and more recently, the concept of impact investing.* It’s clear that an expanding portion of the general population is looking to make an impact on the world around them, not only through volunteering, or speaking out on social media, but through financial decision making.**

We believe raising resources through Regulation A+ crowdfunding will allow us to expedite expansion of TTSA’s PBC initiatives, like promoting citizen science, enhancing traditional education with science, engineering and art-related programming, supporting veterans and their families, and promoting underrepresented people in film.



It is the education mission of To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science to collaborate with global citizens in order to help push science, technology, and ultimately humanity forward. To help accomplish this, we plan on building a powerful and robust community of interest (COI) platform where we can enable interdisciplinary collaboration on reporting and analysis of anomalies among the public at large, academia, industry partners, government and every level of law enforcement. 

Our vision is to collect, triage, and partition signature data, utilizing forensic and scientific methodology, into a central database that can be used to shed light on anomalies, trends, and patterns. We believe these data, when analyzed rigorously, could lead to a better understanding of our reality, including some of the most fascinating and mysterious phenomena in the universe. In turn, our vision is to involve the public with the discovery of revolutionary breakthroughs in science and technology.


Congressional Campaign

We're often asked what people can do to assist TTSA to achieve its mission.  We believe public disclosure is essential and must be conducted in a way that is responsible and stimulates productive conversation.  Here in the United States TTSA is working to encourage our government to disclose information.  If you're a US citizen, consider writing your Congressional representatives to demonstrate your interest.  Together we can advocate for disclosure. 


Community Outreach

TTSA is committed to participating in its community.  Here is the recap of the top moments of the last six months.